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All Four Trimesters of Pregnancy & Birth

Welcome to Birth-to-Baby Doula Services!

Hi, I'm Kim Hewlett, a South Jersey doula ready to provide you with the informational, emotional, and physical support you need for all four trimesters. It is my philosophy that you deserve the very best individualized non-medical prenatal care, birth/labor support, and post-partum companion. 

You may be wondering...why should I hire a doula?

 Evidence-based research says that having a doula for your labor could decrease the chance of unnecessary interventions and/or unplanned c-sections, helps with pain management, and adds more likelihood that a mother have the birth she envisions and desires.

A doula hired for the mother's post-partum needs reduces the likelihood of post-partum mood disorders or depression, aids in giving the mother and partner the necessary sleep needed in those first few weeks, and helps a breastfeeding mother be more likely to succeed at her feeding goals.

While hiring a doula is certainly a parenting choice, it is one that could reap benefits and positive memories for many years to come.

Why should I choose Birth-to-Baby Doula Services?

As your doula, I am committed to doing all I can to give you the birth you desire - natural/vaginal, medicated/vaginal, or cesearan. I will meet with you twice during pregnancy, be on-call from 38 weeks until the day of your delivery, be with you during your labor and delivery (plus up to 1-2 hours post delivery), and will visit at least once during your post-partum period.

My post-partum doula services include daytime or overnight shifts to provide you with: breastfeeding or bottle support, care for your baby while you rest, light house work, light cooking, shopping, answering questions pertaining to your newborn or recovering body, assisting you with cloth or disposable diapering, babywearing, sleep support, assisting with sibling childcare and transition, and so much more.

How will I pay for a doula?

Hiring a doula is an investment you will be proud of. When you hire a doula, you are hiring a parenting resource for life. Click Services to find out what my current fees are, and Payment to read more about creative payment options. 

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Kim Hewlett

Labor & Post-Partum Doula

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